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Name:Claire Redfield
Birthdate:Dec 30

"Look, we’ve got two choices here. Kill or be killed… your call."

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Claire Redfield [Resident Evil]
Point in canon: Just after the events of Resident Evil: Degeneration
Age: 26
Place of residence:

Personality: Claire, by nature, has the typical warmhearted, responsible, outgoing personality that one might expect from a Redfield. She’s self confidant and always willing to help someone out, especially if the stakes are high. Claire's background is pretty faded, but her relationship with Chris (her brother) alludes to a lack of parental guidance, which may be to why she's so caring towards Sherry (Resident Evil 2) and Steve (Resident Evil: Code Veronica) who are both, more or less, lost. This could possibly be explained by a ‘mother complex’ but I like to think she’s just the motherly sort.

That being said, Claire can be quite the snarky girl and this trait has followed her for years. In Resident Evil 2 she makes no attempt to keep from telling Brian Irons exactly what a messed-up man he is, but it is more in Resident Evil: Code Veronica and again in Resident Evil: Degeneration that we truly see how she reacts to people she doesn't like. She mouths-off to Alfred numerous times by degrading his facility and calling him a "cross-dressing freak." She yells at Wesker to protect her brother’s honor and inform that it’s Wesker “who has things all wrong.” Claire mouths off to and even slaps a State Senator in Degeneration after he makes a rude crack about a little girl. These type of things usually end up getting Claire in trouble, but she is simply standing up for what she believes in. She realizes that she is an adult and is therefore capable of showing restraint, but that doesn’t mean she likes to. On the other hand, she is also clever enough to keep her nose down and stick to her guns--knowing when enough is enough. Well... most of the time. Redfields are all but notorious for being stubborn but she doesn’t always realize it.

In short, she’ll let you know if you’ve done something to piss her off. You might even get a punch in the face and a grudge held against you. She’s strong and outspoken. Clever, stubborn, and above all: loyal to her cause.

Appearance: Claire is about 5'6 and 135 pounds, but she makes up for her small stature by being fast and lithe. Originally brunette, she has died her hair since her experiences in Raccoon city. There's no explanation, but every girl gets bored with her hair and red is usually a safe road to take. She probably died it herself with one of those cheap grocery store colors because it's a little faded and looks pink under some lights. It's often worn in a ponytail and. She has blunt-cut bangs that are in need of a trim and likes to keep two long pieces (one on either side) down to frame her face.

Well. You can't always be perfect. Claire has blue eyes and a moderately pale complexion. She spends most of her time indoors working so it can be expected. Tanning is a rare but missed experience and she wouldn't mind spending a day at the beach.

Though it is of no great consequence, it should be mentioned that although she has an average bust size, she is long-waisted, has rather impressive hips, and a backside to match. One could imagine finding well-fitting jeans to be a nightmare.

It should also be noted that Claire doesn't have the best fashion sense in the world, often wearing strange combinations like turtlenecks under short sleeved jackets, or mixing colors like brown, fuchsia, and black.

History: The whole fiasco began during Claire's freshman year at college. She and her brother share a tight bond so it was natural that she might be worried after not hearing from him for a while. Thinking that something funny was going on, she hopped on her motorcycle and made for Raccoon City. Her suspicions were quickly confirmed when she rolled into town only to find that the entire place was crawling with the living dead and Chris was no where to be found. She did, however, meet up with a rookie cop named Leon S. Kennedy and they teamed up to find out what was going on and get out alive.

The pair split after almost getting run over by a semi truck and met back up at the police station where they split again in search of survivors within the building. While exploring, Claire came upon a little girl named Sherry Birkin (scared that she was being chased by a monster) whom she spent the remainder of the adventure looking out for. That is to say while Sherry wasn't running off on her own or falling through sewer grates.

She also came across Police Chief Irons and Sherry's mother Annette who gave a clue or two as to what was happening. Claire found out that Sherry was indeed being chased by a monster but it was actually her father who had injected himself with the dangerous G-Virus and was tracking down similar DNA in order to reproduce. He was also a researcher for the international pharmaceutical corporation Umbrella, the beast from which all the trouble came.

Claire eventually fought and defeated him after detouring through Raccoon City to cure Sherry of a strange illness that had been progressing (all the while keeping a close eye out for her brother). She and Leon kept close tabs over communicators but met back up in the belly of an Umbrella lab to make their escape. Once out safe, Claire left Sherry with Leon to continue the search for her still missing brother.

This search lead her to an Umbrella facility in Paris where she was captured and relocated to a prison on Rockfort Island under the control of Alfred Ashford: the deranged twin brother of noted researcher Alexia Ashford. Out of nowhere, a mysterious team attacked the island and released the T-Virus, sending everyone into a frenzy. Figuring that the place was done for, Claire was released from her cell by the guard and she headed out to escape.

If only things were ever that easy. Instead of finding a way out, she met up with another prisoner named Steve and the two teamed up to work through a series of strange puzzles and rooms. These attempts were quickly thwarted by Alfred and instead of escaping to safety, they ended up at the Antarctic base which was also infected. Taking another stab at escape, the two were grabbed off of a Snow CAT and dragged back via a giant random tentacle after Steve shot and killed Alfred Ashford. They then had a run in with what was left of the Ashford's father, the two were captured and strung up.

Chris finally showed up and the siblings were reunited but not before Alexia got into the fray. There was a whole mix up as to whether or not Alexia was actually real person and not just her twin brother pretending to be her in his spare time, but lo and behold there she was, and she was angry. Pissed enough, anyway, to inject Steve with a strain of the T-Virus known as the T-Veronica and he mutated, turning into a great big hulking monster that tried to kill Claire but didn't at the last second. He instead used the last remaining shreds of humanity to protect her but died soon after (also via random tentacle) in her arms. She then made to escape (once again) and Alexia came after her. Chris got in the way and sent her on ahead while he took care of the crazy bitch. Then Wesker, Chris's ex-captain and main adversary, showed up and Chris was stuck fighting all kinds of nonsense but he and Claire eventually made it off the island for good.

The siblings returned to America but split once again to pursue careers of a very different nature. Umbrella it's self was collapsing, and good riddance, but Bioterrorism was still very much alive and kicking. Chris joined the B.S.A.A. while Claire signed up with a non-government agency called TerraSave which dedicated itself to assisting families affected by the subject as well as drawing political and social awareness to companies who might be involved in the same kind of scandal. Seven years later, Clare was still working for the organization and was more or less married to her work (making a remark that she felt like she was dating the FDA). A conference was held in Harvardville and TerraSave was gathering to protest Senator Ron Davis' involvement in the trials-gone-wrong and the Wil Pharma Corporation (one of TerraSave's main opponents with a connection to Bioterrorism).

Claire barely made it off the place before misfortune strikes again and the T-Virus makes it's way back to the center stage. Springing right into action, Claire takes as much control over the situation as possible and calls 911 after bringing a small group of people (including the aforementioned Senator and a little girl named Rani) to a 'safe room'. They hear screams of the living from outside, and compelled to help, Claire ventures out alone. Armed with an umbrella, and gets as far as the hall before almost being attacked and then saved by her old acquaintance Leon S. Kennedy who was called in as a special agent. Knowing the drill, the two work their way through the airport to safety only to discover that the company has actually been trying to cultivate a cure, and if not for her own lobbying as well as the efforts of TerraSave, the cure may have been developed that much sooner.

Naturally, Claire is gutted over finding this out and has a little angst fest before Leon pulls her back onto her feet. She then goes for a one-on-one tour of the WilPharma facility with one of the researchers (a stereotypical Brit named Frederick) when a bomb goes off. She happened to be on the Phone with Leon and he comes rushing. In the true style of Resident Evil, Monsters come from every which way but they managed to escape (not without the building going into self-destruct) and find out that it was Fredrick who was selling both the T-Virus and vaccine on the black market. As it turns out, the Harvardville incident was just a fancy demonstration for the elusive General Grande, a potential buyer. Frederick is arrested and Claire and Leon part ways once again under the agreement to meet up again under more normal circumstances.

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